Sunday, February 2, 2014

Warm / Cool Hearts

3rd grade students created stained glass inspired hearts using warm and cool colors.  First students traced a heart in the middle of their paper, then divided the page using diagonal, horizontal and vertical lines.  Then they had to decide whether to create a warm colored heart with a cool colored background or a cool colored heart on a warm colored background.  The artwork was finished by outlining all their lines with a black crayon. 

Warm and Cool Colored Hearts - Mrs. Pearce's Art Room

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  1. These are beautiful and colorful, plus help the dtudents understand the detailed process of real stained glass. I am sure that you explzined that during the late 1800's St. Louis was the capitol of stained glass production in the United States because of the abundance of river sand usec to make glass and one of the leadig lead founderies (St. Joe Lead Co.) In Crystal City in Jefferson County south of St. Louis was use in the fittings of colored glass together to make the windows. Thus, St. Louis was one of the least expensive places to produce stained glass art and shipped it all over the World. A great project for your students. Aunt "D"