Thursday, April 16, 2015


1st grade students used crayons to draw two minion characters, and then filled them in using yellow chalk.




Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rain Umbrellas

2nd grade students made pattern umbrellas in the rain by first using eye droppers to splatter watered down blue ink onto their white paper background.  Then using markers, students decorated their umbrellas, raincoat and boots.




Ugly Bunny

5th grade students created “Ugly” Bunnies inspired by the toy collection UglyDoll. After drawing their bunny, students mixed together two different colors of paint to create a new color to paint their bunny. Once the paint dried, they used black markers to outline the contour lines and then cut their bunny out to finish the project.



Hatching Chicks

1st grade cut and glued construction paper to show spring chicks hatching from their eggs.


4th grade students drew abstract clowns showing exaggerated heads and shoes.  Then using markers, students filled in their figures with dots to apply a pointillism technique and crayons to complete the backgrounds.




1/4 Circle Art

3rd grade students designed ¼ of a circle using oil pastels on black construction paper.  Then I assembled pieces together to complete the group project.




2nd graders used crayons and watercolor paint to create Laurel Burch inspired cats.