Friday, May 29, 2015


1st grade and KG both assembled butterflies by first painting toilet paper rolls.  Students then traced and cut out heart shapes for wings, drew a face with a marker and added a folded chenille stem as their antenna. 





Chalk Butterfly

5th grade designed asymmetrical butterflies using a glue outline and colorful chalk.



Cherry Blossom Branch

2nd grade created a background texture on white construction paper by rubbing their paper with different shades of green crayons.  Then using brown paint and delicate Y shaped lines, students painted a tree branch.  Once these dried, students used the bottom of soda bottles to create cherry blossom flower petals. 



Yarn Weaving

4th grade assembled looms and weaved a pattern yarn rectangular piece.



3D Lizards!

3rd grade created movable 3D paper lizards!

Circle ART

Kindergartners made circle art by identifying and tracing multiple sized circles and then filling in some sections with crayons.




2nd graders folded black construction paper in half and designed ½ a butterfly along the middle fold.  Then students reversed the fold, used their hands to rub on top of the paper, and then opened the papers to reveal a faint symmetrical image to trace for their butterfly’s other side.  



 2nd grade also designed symmetrical butterflies using crayons and markers.




Window Flowers

3rd grade created large window frames and then added a wooden flower box with growing green stems. After decorating warm colored paper with paint, students then cut out and glued on flower blossoms. 



2nd grade used details to design the inside of a house.