Friday, February 26, 2016

1/4 Circle Art

3rd graders each designed ¼ of a circle to make a collaborative art project.


Graffiti Art

5th grade assembled a brick wall background and then painted and decorated a positive word to create Graffiti art.



3rd grade used Crayola Model Magic to mold three dimensional frogs.


2nd grade used shapes to design a robot on a colorful background. 

Heart Puppies

Kindergartners used heart shapes to assemble valentine puppies.

Warm or Cool Hearts

3rd grade identified warm and cool colors though a stain glassed inspired heart project.

Value Hearts

4th grade colored a value heart and then used its complementary color to design a value background.

Heart Bouquet

1st grade painted paper and then cut out a dozen hearts to make a valentine bouquet. 




Kindergartners painted and decorated snowmen in a window.


Winter Cardinals

3rd graders painted cardinals in a winter tree.


Complementary Colored Monsters

4th grade created complementary colored chalk monsters.