Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Origami Butterflies

4th grade student used paper folding techniques to assemble origami butterflies.


Miniature Artwork

3rd grade students created a miniature artwork drawing using colored pencils. 
Their drawings contain at least 1 house and at least 1 flower or tree.


Star Mural

On their first day of art class, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students all participated in a star mural by tracing a star shape on an index card and then added color using crayons and/or markers.

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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Summer Shades

2nd grade drew self portraits wearing giant sunglasses reflecting their summer plans.

Paper Flowers

5th grade used different techniques to paint or decorate their paper before cutting out pieces to assemble their flowers.

Fantasy Fish

4th grade designed Fantasy Fish giving their fish and background a theme.


Matisse Mobiles

3rd grade learned about the artist Henri Matisse before "drawing with scissors" to create their hanging mobiles using only scrap paper, scissors and glue.


2nd grade drew, colored, and included backgrounds for their cool cats.

Pattern Fish

1st grade colored and designed pattern paper fish. 


Circle Art

KG used different sized circles to trace and then color.



1/4 circle art

3rd grade reviewed fractions before designing 1/4 of a circle using oil pastels.


Rabbit Designs

2nd grade drew a rabbit then created a pattern inside it's ears and belly.


more Bunnies

KG painted paper, cut out circles, and glued down to create backward facing bunnies.

Ugly Bunnies

5th grade drew and mixed two colors of paint to complete their Ugly Bunny based off the UglyDolls franchise.


Math Wanted

4th grade designed Math Wanted posters.


2nd grade completed a frog drawing and then used different values of green to color.

Hatching Chics

1st grade cut and glued paper to assemble a baby chic hatching from its egg.


KG painted, cut, glued and drew faces to create Bunnies with model magic carrots.

Friday, June 21, 2019

4 Letter Banners

4th grade created a 4 letter word banner with each letter section representing a different color theme.  Primary colors, color Value, Warm & Cool colors, and Complementary colors.


Warm & Cool Hearts

3rd grade used warm and cool crayon values to color their stain glass inspired hearts.