Sunday, November 26, 2017

Holiday Trees

5th graders coiled mold magic into a cone form, once dried they painted and decorated them to create Holiday Trees.





2nd grade students reviewed different types of lines, and then drew lines onto multiple pieces of construction paper.  Feather templates were then traced and cut out along with additional shapes to be glued and assembled showing a feather patterned paper turkey.



Warm/Cool Houses

3rd graders identified the difference between warm and cool colors by splitting their house drawing in half and using only warm colors on the day side and cool colors on the night side.



Fall Tree

1st grade students used paint and Q-tips to make a fall colored tree.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Fall Themed Paintings

4th graders created Fall Themed artwork by first drawing fall themed objects or words on a paper which they divided into triangular sections. Afterwards students outlined all their pencil marks using a black sharpie and then students began to paint using water colors.  The pumpkin was drawn and painted separately, then cut out.  Both papers were then glued onto a black background.