Monday, September 24, 2018

Rhombus / Cube collaborative project

3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students created a collaborative art project.  Each student colored three rhombus shapes using crayons and colored pencils; the top color was based on their grade level.  3rd grader cubes have a green top, 4th graders have blue tops and 5th graders have purple tops.  Once the three rhombus shapes were put together they create the illusion of a cube. The rhombus on the right is fill with words, including the students name and characteristics or interest about themselves.  The rhombus on the left is a drawing representing the individual student.  The overall construction of the mural is based on L.A. street artist Thank You X.




Friday, September 21, 2018

Triangle / Rhombus Group Project

1st and 2nd graders created a group triangle/rhombus project.  After students chose a colored construction paper triangle they then took a white triangle and folded it in half then again on both sides, like a paper airplane.  Once flatten, their paper shows four triangles that students colored using crayons. 



Monday, June 18, 2018

Paper Flowers

5th Graders showed their individual creativity by cutting and assembling paper flowers.  Students spend a few art classes using different techniques to paint and color multiple sheets of construction paper.  One technique shown below was using watered down marker ink to drip color onto their paper.  Other techniques included stamping and using objects to paint with and creating texture rubbing with crayons. 


Once all their paper was ready, students observed images of flowers for inspiration before constructing their artwork.  The results were amazing!




Summer Shades

2nd Grade drew self-portraits illustrating their summer plans in their sunglasses.



1st Graders used Crayola Model Magic to create a Lollipops!


Open Mouth Singers

3rd Graders drew themselves as an Open Mouth Singer on a softly colored background with music clef and notes.


Open Mouth Creatures

4th Grade students designed Open Mouth Creatures.


Kindergartners created BUTTERFLIES!  First students painted the outside of a cardboard tube.  Then traced and cut heart shapes for the wings and glued on smaller shapes to decorate.  Faces and antennae were added to complete their project. 

1 day Activities

Throughout the school year students of all grade levels will do a variety of 1 day activities in the art room.  Activities (some are represented in the images below) may include individual or team building drawing games, coloring/following directions activities and working while watching drawing videos.