Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mugs & Saucers

5th grade students created the illusion of a form by drawing a mug with saucer using a horizon line to separate the tablecloth from the wallpaper background.




2nd graders used simple shapes to draw robots, then they outlined their marks and filled in the entire background with color.





Stain Glass Hearts

3rd graders distinguished between warm and cool colors by creating a stain glass heart with either the heart having warm colors and a cool colored background or the heart showing cool colors with a warm colored background. 



Heart Art

5th grade students had creative freedom to design artwork with the main requirement being it had to contain at least one heart shape.



Heart Person

Kindergartners assembled a heart person by first tracing and cutting out four heart shapes. Then they folded four pink strips of paper accordion style and glued everything onto a large heart body. Lines for sunglasses and facial features were drawn with markers and special heart stickers used for the shades.




1st grade students traced their hand in the center of their paper.  They then out lined this shape, repeating this to create a radiating pattern off the paper.  Then each section was filled in with a solid color.


Hand Holding Heart

2nd grade students filled their background with positive/nice words.  Then by rubbing the side of different crayons, students gave their colored construction paper a textured look before tracing their hand and a heart on the opposite side.  Everything was cut out and glued down to complete their artwork. 




Thursday, February 5, 2015

Matching Mittens

Using a pattern, 1st grade students created matching mittens.



2nd grade students drew and painted reindeer before our winter break.