Sunday, September 21, 2014

Red Apples

Kindergartners painted a small paper plate red.  Then after it dried, students added a stem, a leaf, and a friendly worm.

KG - Ripe Red Apples from Scholastic.  1. Paint your paper plate apple red. Let dry. 2. Tape the pipe cleaner to the back  of the apple at the top. 3. Glue a leaf next to the stem on the front. 4. Push a worm through the slit in  your apple. 5. Draw a face on your worm. Wiggle your worm and enjoy your ripe red apple!

Color / Circle Twist

2nd graders created color/circle twist art.  First students chose two colors to compare side by side.  Then a third color was picked to overlay on top and use for a background.  Before everything was glued down, students cut out a circle and rotated it 180 degrees.

More Cityscapes

2nd graders reviewed cityscapes by drawing their own using markers and crayons.

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Color Equations

1st grade students conducted experiments by mixing primary colored Kool-Aid to create secondary colors.  Afterwards, they colored their equations sheets to show that...  
yellow + blue = green, red + yellow = orange, and blue + red = purple

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2nd grade students worked with a partner to create a collaborative cityscape project. First students divided their papers to have a blue sky with glitter stars, and a green ground with painted grass.  For their building students choose different colored construction paper and used markers to draw windows and doors.  They traced circles onto green paper for trees and painted details creating branches and flowers.  Then everything was cut, glued and assembled to complete their cityscapes.

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Painted Circles

1st grade students focused on using their paint brush with control by painting circles.  First students traced different sized circle objects onto the center of their papers.  Then using watercolor paint, they filled each circular section with color to complete their project.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Recycled Cardboard Tubes

4th and 5th graders worked on a collaborative art project inspired by the stair railings at the City Museum.  Using recycled paper towel tubes from our school; students first painted their cardboard tube a solid color.  Then students created a plan by drawing four patterned designs onto construction paper.  Afterwards students used their plans as a guide for decorating their tube with paint. The finished tubes were taped in sets of three and wrapped around a stair railing. 

Recycled Cardboard Tubes painted for decorative stair railing

Miniature Art

3rd graders constructed miniature art easels using craft sticks.  Then students designed miniature artwork using colored pencils with the requirements being their drawing contains a house or building, a tree or flower, and be colored neatly with control.  

miniature drawings on craft stick art easels

Drawing Sheets

1st graders began their alphabet drawing sheets that use basic shapes to draw an animal.  We try to complete 1 drawing sheet per art class, therefore this is an ongoing activity.

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Kindergarteners in Art

During the first week of school, kindergartners learned the primary colors (red, yellow and blue) while practicing coloring within the lines.  Then we focused on scissor control by drawing differ types of lines and cutting them out. For this activity students rotated between stations. A station for using scissors, reading books, drawing pictures, and building with blocks. Besides the activity for each station, kindergartners also practiced positive behavior by working together, sharing materials and following the art room expectations.

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