Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Model Magic Fish

Fifth grade students molded 3 dimensional fish using Crayola Model Magic.  Then using markers, they colored and decorated their fish which was then included to create an aquarium themed display.



KG in Art

Art class for kindergarten is a fun experience.  We color, we build, we draw and we create.  Students review and practice writing letters, drawing lines and shapes, and using scissors with control.  We’ve learned about the primary colors and used these colors to create lovely drawings.




Positive & Negative Space

3rd grade students cut out any type of shape from a square piece of paper and assembled it onto a yellow background to identify the positive and the negative space.   

Math Posters

4th grade designed math wanted posters displaying a wanted or missing number and listing four descriptive facts about where the number may be found.



Recycled Paper Towel Rolls

First grade students are turning recycled paper towel rolls in a collaborative work of art. Students painted their roll a solid color and then added dots using the complementary colored paint.  I then assembled all the colorful rolls on the stairway leading up to their classrooms.




Warm & Cool Colors

3rd grade students identified and distinguished between warm and cool colors by creating either a warm colored hand interfering with a cool colored background pattern, or the opposite a cool colored hand interfering with a warm colored background pattern.




2nd graders used shapes and details to draw cityscapes.  Then students used colored pencils and focused on craftsmanship by filling in areas neatly and completely with a color.



Color Circles

3rd and 4th grade students work on a collaborative art project by designing, coloring and cutting out different sized colored circles.  The circles were then organized by color and assembled to create an overall color spectrum.





Animal Drawings

An activity that 1st grade students work on throughout the year is to draw animals based off a letter of the alphabet.  By using simple lines and shapes, students draw the animal and its environment.

Abstract Faces

Second grade students drew abstract faces with black crayons, and then filled in areas with color using water colored paint made from recycled marker ink.